Analisis Kenaikan Bantuan Keuangan Partai Politik di Kabupaten Kutai Barat


  • Kantotianus Lawing Universitas Terbuka


Political Parties, Financial Assistance, Political Education, Operational Activities


The funding of political parties that comes from the APBN / APBD is intended to create a balance of political parties in Indonesia. The financial limitations experienced by political parties ultimately cause political parties to be dominated by donors who have an interest in policy or political decisions. This domination ultimately has an impact on ignoring the interests of the community, which is one of the central roles of political parties in democracy. The theoretical studies used in this research are political parties the institutionalization of political parties and the concept of political party financing. The method used in this article is a qualitative method with a descriptive analysis approach. Data collection comes from observations and interviews with political party administrators in West Kutai and literature studies based on journals, reports, and documentation studies. The results of this article illustrate that the financial assistance of political parties in West Kutai has not been able to accommodate political education and operational activities of political party secretariats per year so an increase in financial assistance from the APBD is needed per the increase in regional income growth. This article concludes that political parties play a central role in democracy to accommodate aspirations and aggrandize the interests of the community. However, this central role often experiences obstacles in terms of financial limitations, giving birth to an oligarchy of donors to political parties that have an impact on neglecting the interests of the community.




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